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The Sisargas Islands are a natural haven made up of the islets of La Grande, La Chica and Malante, only reachable by boat. La Grande has a beautiful path connecting the beach with the island's lighthouse, which is one of the oldest of Costa da Morte. As special protection area for birds, the islands offer pleny of opportunities for sea bird watching. They are also rich in endemic flora, including sea pinksArmeria maritima-, which during the summertime colour the islands' landscape into pink. Divers will find an interesting cave at a depth of 3 meters, as well as the remains of the British steamer Priam, which sunk in the islands in 1889. 

Diving profileSisargas Islands

  • Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Depth: 4m to 40m
  • Seabed: Rock.
  • Average water Temperature: 11ºC - 14ºC 
  • Visibility: Medium - High
  • Best season for diving: September to March
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 106 Km

Marine research & conservation in Sisargas Islands