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The Mariña Lucense stretches along the coastline of the province of Lugo. In this region, the forests merge with the Ocean along about 100 km of coastline scattered with natural wonders. When the power of the Ocean joins the patience of time, artwork is the result: the Beach of the Cathedrals. Go to this Natural Monument at low tide, take off your shoes, go for a walk… and feel in heaven.

In Lugo, the capital of the province, you will find a Roman wall which can proud itself of being the only complete one in the World. Every year, at the beginning of summer, the city celebrates Arde lvcvs, where citizens revive its Roman and Castro cultures. Also, the largest nature reserve of Galicia is located in the province of Lugo: Os Ancares and O Courel, the last hideout of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Galicia.

Mariña Lucense is one of the landmark destinations of the WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route (the "WAOH! Route). It offers scuba diving opportunities for divers of all levels, as well as pleny of marine ecotourism experiences