Brings you the best marine ecotourism experiences in Europe

The Rias Altas region is formed by the estuaries of A Coruña, Ares and Betanzos, Ferrol, Cedeira and Ortigueira, all of them located in the province of A Coruña.

The lighthouse of the Torre de Hércules, in A Coruña, is the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world and the only one that remains in service. It was built, in all likelihood, during the second half of the first century.

In Ortigueira you can find the Loiba Cliffs, one of the best landscapes of the world according to UNESCO. And here you can take a sit at “The best bank of the world”. It is said that this was written by a Scottsman, with “bank” referring to the cliffs. Breath the smell of the Atlantic Ocean and relax with the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.

The Vixía Herbeira Cliffs, in Cedeira, hold the Garita de Herbeira, which is the fourth highest point in Europe, with more than 613 meters above the sea. The waves break so far that the slightest sea babbling is not heard.

If you like surfing you should not miss the Pantín Classic, a surf championship held within a protected Natura 2000 site. It takes place at the end of the summer at the Pantín Beach in Valdoviño, and surfers attending from all over the world.

And to finish up the day, take a stroll in Betanzos, famous for its Spanish omelette (word!) and the grandeur of its historic centre.