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Diving & Marine Adventure in Rias Baixas

Join us on a 6-day diving holiday in Rias Baixas in Galicia -one of the landmark destinations of the WAOH! Routeand explore its amazing Atlantic underwater heritage and natural landscapes as you divekayak or sail its stunning waters. 

Highlights · Diving & Marine Adventure in Galicia

Diving & Marine Adventure in Galicia
  • Enjoy 4 dives in some of Galicia's best diving spots: the Atlantic Islands National Park and Rias Baixas.
  • Enjoy a guided sea kayaking (paddling) tour or join a boat tour and learn about Galicia’s unique natural & cultural heritage.
  • Taste Galician cuisine based on what is given by the sea.

Catch a glimpse

Diving & Marine Adventure in Rias Baixas

What to expect?

Diving & Marine Adventure in Rias Baixas

If you enjoy diving and taking in the sea breeze, you will find Galicia is like paradise. One of the landmark destinations of the "WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route" (WAOH! Route) and a world-class diving destination for beginners, intermediate and advanced divers alike, it offers excellent diving around the numerous islands scattered around the coast, as well as plenty of opportunities for enjoying other thrilling marine activities such as sea kayaking or SUP.

This diving holiday will take you to explore the stunning Rias Baixas and Galicia's Atlantic Islands National Park, while offering you additional possibilities to discover other treasures above the water, including Galicia's gastronomy and traditionsThe package includes 5-night accommodation in a comfortable hotel in Sanxenxo, in a double room with breakfast.

Here's what we have in store for you (please note that the order of the activities may vary depending on the weather and sea conditions):

Day 1: Welcome to Galicia!

At your arrival, we will be waiting for you at the airport in Vigo and we'll take you to your hotel in Sanxenxo, so you can rest and relax after traveling.

Day 2: Diving in the Rias Baixas

The next day the adventure begins! Your diving guide will be waiting to take you to your first 2 dives in Rias Baixas (Galicia's fjords). The largest the "rías" is the Ría de Arousa, a mix of nature, art and maritime tradition. Above the surface you will find mussel rafts -part of the marine landscape of this area- and underneath the surface plenty of life awaits, such as octopus, cuttlefishcrustaceans or conger eels.

Day 3: It’s time to dive in the Atlantic Islands National Park 

In the depths of Galicia's Atlantic Islands National Park, you will experience a wide range of fascinating marine biodiversity. The area offers excellent diving opportunities for divers of all levels.

Day 4: Sea kayaking / SUP / boat tour - Pick your favourite ecotourism activity 

A sailing or a kayaking tour (up to you!) will give you additional opportunities to continue exploring Galicia's marine-rich environment. The small islands of the area offer quiet places for sea kayaking or paddling on board a SUP on crystal clear waters. While most visitors make the Camino de Santiago on foot, the Ría de Arousa has the only maritime via crucis (way of the cross) in the world and you can sail along it or paddle it on a guided sea kayaking tour. Ría de Arousa it is also famous for its gorgeous nature and for producing some of the best seafood in the World. If you opt for a sailing tour, you will learn about seafood farming and harvesting

Day 5: Marisqueo” experience or lunch in O Grove

In Galicia, the sea has brought a unique natural and cultural heritage: the beauty of its estuaries together with the fascinating world of fishing and a rich cuisine based on the delights offered by the ocean. On your last day, we will either take you to learn about how local women and men harvest the seafood (a light tasting included) or -if you prefer to go for a full meal-, take you to O Grove to enjoy a delicious Galician lunch!

Day 6: Back home

It's time to say good-bye! Your transfer will take you to the airport of Vigo in time for your flight back home. 

After your holidays, you will be eager to explore other destinations along the WAOH! Route. And you will have earned a 10% discount on your next trip to any of the WAOH! Route destinations!

Price and optionals

Diving & Marine Adventure in Rias Baixas
  •   From: € 1375.00 per person

Important info

Diving & Marine Adventure in Rias Baixas
  •   Duration: 6 days
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Intermediate
  •   Languages spoken: English, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 2
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 10

This holiday package includes:

  • Accommodation in a double room in a *** hotel, including breakfast.
  • 2 dives in selected spots of the Rias Baixas and Atlantic Islands National Park.
  • 2-ecotourism adventures (choose between a sea kayaking or a boat tour).
  • 1 guided Tour to learn about Galician marine traditions or gastronomy (or a traditional lunch).
  • Diving equipment & gear required for ecotourism activities.
  • Airport transfers & transfers to activities.
  • Diving and travel insurance.
  • WAOH! Route Passport.

Accommodation in a single room is possible upon request and availability (a surcharge applies).

This holiday package does NOT includes:

  • Travel transportation to/from Vigo (Galicia, Spain).
  • No other services unless expressly indicated as included.



Diving & Marine Adventure in Rias Baixas


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