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Ons Island is one of the natural jewels of the Atlantic Islands National Park - an impressive and beautiful maritime and terrestrial park in Galicia. The outer face of the island of Ons and the island of Onza are characterized by slopes subject to intensive erosive dynamics. Large steep cliffs with presence of beaches and some islets such as Freitosa and Centolo can be found in their coastal strips. 

The diving points of the island of Onza are characterized by extense, deep walls. There is a natural wall with a path that allows frequent sightings of eels, hidden within the rocks. Nudribranchs, crabs, octopuses and seahorses are also abundant in these waters.

Please note that a special permit is required to dive in the National Park. Local diving centres operating in the area are able to arrange such permit, so joining one of them for this dive is a smart option. 

Diving profileIlla de Ons

  • Level: -
  • Depth: 15m to 25 m
  • Seabed: sand
  • Average water Temperature: 15ºC - 16ºC
  • Visibility: Good
  • Best season for diving: All year round
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 164 km