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Salvora Island lies at the mouth of the ría de Arousa in Galicia, separated from the mainland by a distance of about 3 km to the North. Almost the entire perimeter of the island is rocky, with the exception of three fine, white sand beaches. Since 2001 it is part of the National Park of the Atlantic islands of Galicia. The amount and diversity of marine species found here is greater than in the rest of the estuary. Sálvora is also reminiscent of shipwrecks and legends. Surrounded by islets and rocks rounded by the action of the sea, wind and salt, his appearance could not be more mysterious. The island offers great dives that are suitable for all levels of divers (ranging from 12 to down to 25 meters). 

The seabed surrounding the island is an example of the uniqueness and beauty of the different environments in the Galician Rias Baixas. This is one of the most productive marine areas in the world. This, coupled with the crystal clear waters surrounding the island, makes it a true paradise for scuba divers.

Please note that a special permit is required to dive in the National Park. Local diving centres operating in the area are able to arrange such permit, so joining one of them for this dive is a smart option. 

Diving profileIlla de Salvora

  • Level: Advanced
  • Depth: 10m to 25 m
  • Seabed: Rock and sand.
  • Average water Temperature: -
  • Visibility: Good
  • Best season for diving: Summer, Fall
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: -