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Götaland, the region in southern Sweden, consists of ten provinces. It has been the most densely populated region of Sweden since the mid-18th century, and it is still now home of almost half of the Swedish population. Its capital is Göteborg, the second city in importance and size in Sweden after Stockholm, and a good base for your adventures in the region.

The coast is usually flat and you can find a high amount of archipelagos and sandy beaches. In the Icelandic sagas there are references of these islands as meeting places of the Viking chiefs, with the name of Elfarsker. The two largest Swedish islands are located in this region. The two largest lakes of Sweden are also included in Götaland. And, if you are more of a forest person, you should visit the Småland province.

The first Swedish Marine National Park, the Kosterhavet National Park, is located in this region, in the municipalities of Strömstad and Tanum. Here you can dive among reefs made up of cold-water corals or in brown algae forest and eelgrass meadows