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Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven

Join a 1-week sailing experience aboard the ATYLA wooden ship and sail the North Sea (Atlantic Ocean) from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven. Meet new people and be part of the crew, as you work on developing new abilities on board in support of your personal development.

Highlights · Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven

Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven
  • Participate in two important Sail parades and navigate along the North Sea.
  • Become a part of an international crew and take part in all aspects of life on board.
  • Build your Ocean literacy and personal development skills during the trip.

Catch a glimpse

Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven

What to expect?

Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven

This 7-day sailing experience starts with an introduction to the crew and the basics of safety onboard. After a night in Amsterdam, you will set out to participate in the Sail-out Parade, along with thousands of ships through the Amsterdam canals to the open sea.

The route depending on the weather, sea and wind conditions, the ship will sail for 3 days enjoying the pleasure of navigating without the use of the engine. During the journey, challenges are met as part of the development program to improve participant's transversal skills and to help you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, both as a group and as an individual.
As the ship arrives in Bremerhaven during a summer parade, the crew will prepare to show and share the ship with the visitors of the festival. If you embark as crew participant you will help with the on board duties (keeping some free time every day).

If you would rather want to be set free from all the tasks, you can also book this trip as a passenger and feel free to explore the city and still participate in all festival activities, which are reserved for crews only.

Price and optionals

Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven
  •   From: € 695.00 per person

Important info

Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven
  •   Duration: 7 days
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Intermediate
  •   Languages spoken: English, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 1
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 10

Some of the top reasons to book:

  • Wooden tall ship with skipper, professional crew and specific coach.
  • All-included accommodation with full board (3 meals) and private bunk bed.
  • Take part in all the organized activities, and learn new skills with the rest of the team.
  • Get your official Atyla T-shirt.

If you prefer to join us as a passenger, and see the youth work, you can! The price is 1095€.


Sailing experience from Amsterdam to Bremerhaven


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