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Located in southwest England, Cornwall is one of UK's best hidden natural treasures. From kilometric golden sandy beaches to end-of-the-world cliffs, all accompanied by an incredible mild and sunny climate. Whether you are a wildlife lover, you are looking for a Caribbean-style deserted beach to relax, or you are in search of breath-taking scenery in some of Europe's wildest coastlines while experiencing the adrenaline of extreme sports, Cornwall has everything to offer.

Surrounded by the Celtic Sea on the north and west coasts and by the English Channel on the south, Cornwall has a rich cultural heritage and is recognised as one of the Celtic nations. Its unique history goes way back to the ancient Celtic kingdom of Cornwall (Kernow) and. since 2014, Cornish people have even received recognition as a distinct ethnic group.

Cornwall has earned the title of one of the most biodiversity rich and diverse counties in UK, and a major part of its coastline is protected as an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' due to its unique geology and wide variety of terrestrial and marine habitats and species found inhabiting them. The Lizard Peninsula, for example, has one of the most unusual geological formations, as it is mainland Britain's only example of a section of oceanic crust now found on land, known as an ophiolite.

Aquatic life in the area includes many species of seabirds like the beautiful Northern Gannets, the mystical Fulmars and the cute Razorbills, a wide variety of species of fish like the enormous and unique basking sharka and the delicate seahorsesriver otters, and several species of marine mammals such as the iconic bottlenose dolphins, the little harbour porpoise and the nosy grey seals, among many others.

Explore the land of Riviera-style beaches and rugged coastline, and make sure you don't miss any of these Cornish charms! Cornwall is also one of the landmark destinations of the WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route (WAOH! Route) and offers great opportunities for scuba diving for all levels, beginners, intermediate and advance divers alike.