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Easily accessible from the shore, this dive site below Pendennis Castle allows novice divers to discover the scant remains of several World War One German U Boats, sunk here in 1920 after being used in experiments by the British to see how they reacted to different explosive devices. The area consists of finger like reefs separated by nice sandy gullies inbetween which are rich in marine life including lumpsuckers, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, swimming crabs and sea-horses. 

The wrecks lie in no deeper than 12 meters of water, found lying in gullies and often covered in kelp. Most of the metalwork was salvaged shortly after the experiments were carried out but even so hulls still sit on the sea bed including one that can be seen on the rocks above water on a low tide. There’s also the remains of the steam tug Alice further out in the sandy plains off of Castle Beach. Divers should take care when diving on an outgoing tide that they have a suitable exit point as some of the rocks further out towards Pendennis Point can create difficulties when the tide is low.

Diving profileCastle Beach and Silversteps

  • Level: Easy
  • Depth: 1m - 12m
  • Seabed: Sand and gravel
  • Average water Temperature: 7ºC - 16ºC
  • Visibility: Good
  • Best season for diving: Summer
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: -