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Try diving for the first time in Falmouth (Cornwall) and experience the amazing feeling of breathing underwater and exploring the marine realm.

Highlights · Try Dive in Falmouth

Try Dive in Falmouth
  • Do a Try Dive and get a feeling for diving in a safe environment. 
  • Get familiar with the use of diving equipment & gear.
  • Enjoy a 40-minute dive in the open sea with a diving instructor. 

Catch a glimpse

Try Dive in Falmouth

Why Wildsea Europe recommends this experience

Environmental stewardship, ocean literacy & citizen science
Atlantic Scuba is a champion for the wild seas! It will not only show you a great time: it will challenge you to improve your knowledge of the marine environment and it will grant you the opportunity of engaging in citizen science activities, in support of marine wildlife.

What to expect?

Try Dive in Falmouth
This activity begins with a briefing about diving equipment and its safe use, also covering some important safety aspects of the dive. Your diving instructor will fit you out with full diving gear and -once you are comfortable with its use- you will go underwater for a 40-minute dive with your instructor. The instructor will guide you through all the processes as well as the chosen dive site, so you can enjoy this amazing adventure safely.

Price and optionals

Try Dive in Falmouth
  •   From: € 115.00 per person

Important info

Try Dive in Falmouth
  •   Duration: Under 4h
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Intermediate
  •   Languages spoken: English
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 1
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 6
Diving equipment and basic insurance is included in the price.


Try Dive in Falmouth


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Local Operator

Member of WILDSEA Europe since 25/10/2018
Atlantic Scuba
Atlantic Scuba Dive Centre is based at Mabe, near Falmouth in Cornwall. At our premises we have a well stocked retail shop and service centre, air/nitrox/trimix filling station and a large range of school/rental dive gear. We operate our own dive charter boat, ‘Stingray’, which is moored at Mylor in the Fal Estuary, which gives easy access to the local area.
Atlantic Scuba
Trenoweth Business Park 1 TR10 9JH
Mabe Penryn Cornwall (UK)


Atlantic Scuba
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