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Right between Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the Bay of Gibraltar has sheltered ships and sailors for centuries, and still is considered a strategic possition. To the ancient greeks, Gibraltar marked the end of the known world, and passing beyond it meant sailing to “certain destruction” by the bottomless waterfall at the edge of the world.

Overshadowed by The Rock, a 426m high limestone ridge, this certainly is a small territory. However, its rich natural biodiversity attracts many visitors every year: whether you want to visit the local – and maybe too friendly – Barbary macaques (Europe’s only wild primates, which were introduced from North Africa centuries ago), concentrate on the wealth of plant life, observe the hundreds of thousands of birds as they migrate between Northern Europe and Africa every spring and autumn, sail into the bay surrounded by playful dolphins or dive into the reefs and sunken wrecks, Gibraltar always has some amazing treat to present to her visitors.