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The Causeway Coast

Discover the best wildlife destinations in Causeway Coast & Glens

The Causeway Coast is the most northerly onshore point of Northern Ireland. This means it is also some of the most exposed coast line, which is evident in rugged and weathered coast here. 

There is little doubt that the Giant’s Causeway is the best know feature in the area, especially as it was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1986 due to its outstanding geological features. It proves to be a natural wonder with an estimated forty thousand hexagonal basalt columns and other wonderful geological features. However, this part of the Causeway Coast and Glens region is of interest not only to the geologist: it is also for the birdwatcher; or for the adrenaline seeker who wants to climb around the high rising coastline; or simply to those who enjoy sailing, as well as for canoers and kayakers alike. 

In contrast to the rocky headlands are sandy beaches found at Whiterocks, Portrush and Portstewart which are popular with locals and visitors on warm summer days and with surfers all year around, with numerous surf schools offering lessons and equipment hire. Portrush Harbour is the largest in the Causeway Coast area and often larger commercial fishing boats can be spotted here as well as smaller ones, private hire fishing trip boats, sightseeing boats, scuba diving boats and groups of people learning to canoe, kayak and stand-up paddle-board.

Further off shore there are a collection of islets and small islands called The Skerries. The underwater topography of these, coupled with the nutrient rich waters have created a very important habitat for marine life. In fact the Skerries and Causeway Coast area is so rich in marine life it has been designated a Marine Special Area of Conservation. With coastal reefs, rare sponges,  Harbour Porpoise and even Basking Sharks it is evident that the Causeway Coast has a wealth of marine life.