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Basking Shark Experience

Come aboard and experience the magic of the Inner Hebrides and its wildlife! Explore one of the World's premium basking shark hotspots with a crew of marine biologists and enjoy the thrill of looking for these amazing creatures in the wild.


Basking Shark Experience
  • Spend a day at sea looking for basking shars in the company of marine biologists.  
  • Learn about the ecology of these amazing species and of the abundant wildlife of the Inner Hebrides.
  • Swimm responsibly with sharks, seals and experience amazing wild swimming spots!

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Basking Shark Experience

Why Wildsea Europe recommends this experience

Environmental stewardship, ocean literacy & citizen science
Basking Shark Scotland is a champion for the wild seas! It will not only show you a great time: it will challenge you to improve your knowledge of the marine environment and it will grant you the opportunity of engaging in citizen science activities, in support of marine wildlife.

What to expect?

Basking Shark Experience

Our geographical area of operation is a basking sharkhotspot’, widely known as one of the best areas in the whole World for basking sharks. We offer a wide range of basking shark swimming and wildlife excursions to the Inner Hebrides, where we offer one-day up to seven-day long basking shark and Hebridean wildlife experiences. There are many itineraries and options to choose from depending on your interests.

Our mission is to provide you with great interactions with basking sharks and the abundant wildlife of the area. We create opportunities for you to experience responsible in-water swimming with basking sharks, plus wildlife and adventure excursions. You can choose to swim, snorkel and kayak with sharks, seals and other amazing native marine life, or simply enjoy the rich experiences from the boat.

Our tours are organised from April to October to coincide with the basking sharks' migration to the area, where they feed on the abundant plankton. These tours also include snorkelling with seals and the chance to experience some amazing wild swimming spots. A wide variety of people seek out our expertise on our shark swims. Whether you’re a novice or have experience with the sea, we’ll make sure you have the very best of the opportunities available.

We welcome:

  • Snorkelling beginners. 
  • Underwater photographers and videographers wanting to capture amazing footage of these gentle giants. 
  • Recreational divers and snorkellers. 
  • Non-divers wishing to achieve unforgettable experiences. 
For those not so keen on a close encounter and getting wet, you are made very welcome as a shark watcher on board the boat.

Price and optionals

Basking Shark Experience
  •   From: € 140.00 per person

Important info

Basking Shark Experience
  •   Duration: Full day
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Intermediate
  •   Languages spoken: English, German
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 8
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 11
Please note that the sighting of basking sharks is not guaranteed. These shark tours are about experiencing free wildlife in their own, free environment, so it’s not a manufactured experience like visiting an aquarium. Because of this, we can’t guarantee sightings. But because our trips cover more ground than any other operator, on a speedy, highly seaworthy vessel, our trips give you a great chance of seeing them.


Basking Shark Experience


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Basking Shark Scotland
Basking Shark & Wildlife Adventures, based from Oban, Scotland. We run basking shark or seal & lagoon day tours and  multi day ‘Hebrides Experience’, two-day or a week-long basking shark and adventure tours round the islands. Itineraries also include puffin watching in the Treshnish Isles and visiting the volcanic wonder of Fingal’s Cave.
Basking Shark Scotland
McKelvie Road 8 PA34 4GB
Oban Argyll Scotland (UK)


Basking Shark Scotland

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