Brings you the best marine ecotourism experiences in Europe
Scotland’s North West coast line is rich and diverse with marine habitats and species. Living among the kelp, mearl, eelgrass and bladderwrack is a range of uncommon species of fishes (such as the lesser spotted dogfish, ballan wrasse, butterfish or the so-called poor cod), crabs (shore crab, velvet swimming crab, hermit crab), snails (topshell, dog whelk, periwinkle, limpet), jellyfish (lions mane, moon, barbell, stalked), starfish and sea urchins. This coastline is perfect for divers and snorkelers of all levels with a range of destinations to suit all:
  • An Dun – This sheltered lagoon is home to a range of marine creatures and kelp forests. 
  • Big Sands Carn Dearg – The offshore reef boasts kelp forests, colourful rock dwellers and lots of fish. 
  • Mellon Charles – The old WWII pier is a fantastic place to explore urchins, anemones, wrasse, and fish. 
  • Gruinard Bay – Great low tide exploration for all marine life and rare and fragile mearl can also be seen here
  • Camusnagaul – Kelp and numerous rock pools provide perfect habitat for fish and crabs
  • Tanera Mor – Kelp and crevasses provide perfect hiding places for lobster, crabs and a wide variety of fish 
  • Achnahaird Bay – Juvenile fish such as Pollock and coley take cover in the kelp beds.
  • Achmelvich Bay – Plenty of fish, shellfish and kelp beds
  • Bay of Clachtoll – Rocky outcrops, seabirds and marine mammals, juvenile fish and shellfish amongst the kelp.