Brings you the best marine ecotourism experiences in Europe

Occupying the country's heart and most of the beautiful Cardigan Bay and Snowdonia National Park, central or 'mild' Wales is mostly known for the wide range of outstanding coastal features that it has to offer. From its portions of rugged coastline with huge cliffs and small coves in-between, to the almost Caribbean-like golden sandy beaches that many coastal towns offer. The area is also well known for its unique and amazing coastal geology, which you can discover by boat or while you delight yourself with the views walking or cycling the Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire Coastal Paths.

A good example to enjoy a perfect combination of these is the small but charming town of New Quay, one of the most popular local holiday spots for British families that come from all around with their caravans to enjoy a homemade ice-cream or a crispy fish and ships by the pier, while watching bottlenose dolphins feeding and jumping just by the harbour or a nosy grey seal chilling in the water and checking them out just a few meters from them! You can even see them while kayaking, swimming or paddleboarding in the harbour if you're lucky!

The area lies within a marine protected area (Cardigan Bay SAC) that continues south along the coastline, where cliffs are also a protected area for nesting and breading sea birds, being home to many marine species that come to visit every year or are actually resident populations. (i.e. home to one of Europe's largest semi-resident populations of bottlenose dolphins). Come and see grey seals breed and have their pups every autumn in the most hidden/calmer beaches along the coastline, or razorbills and guillemots compete to get the best nesting spots on the cliffs... Just nature at its wildest!

If you are a nature and bird lover you can explore the numerous nesting colonies of sea birds along the coastline, or you might want to check out The Dyfi Osprey Project at the Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve. Make sure you visit the seaside University town of Aberystwyth, where you can get the zip-train/cable car up to the observatory and visit their National Library.